Family Engagement Month
November is Family Engagement Month in the State of Georgia!

Camden County Schools is committed to supporting parents and families by giving them a voice and an opportunity to be involved in their child’s school life. In recognition of Family Engagement Month, below are just a few suggestions of the many ways you can be involved with your child's education:


  • Contact your child's teacher early in the school year and maintain communication throughout the school year.
  • Participate in parent/teacher conferences.
  • Ask the teacher what your child is learning and how you can support this at home.
  • Talk with your child daily about homework, classroom activities, and events.
  • Learn about school policies and expectations so you can help your child

understand them.

  • Make efforts to stay informed of school and classroom events.
  • Encourage and nurture your child's creativity.
  • Be proactive in making the school aware of your support for your child's


  • Establish a daily family routine.
  • Monitor out of school activities.
  • Express high, but realistic expectations for achievement.
  • Encourage your child's development/progress in school.
  • Encourage reading, writing, and discussions among family members.
  • Be positive when talking with your child about school related activities.


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ThermometerWhat is a Lexile? How Can I Improve my Child’s Reading Level? 

A  Lexile measure is like a thermometer, except rather than measuring temperature, the Lexile Framework measures two items; a book’s text complexity and a reader’s skill.  When used together, “Lexile Reader Measures” and “Lexile Text Measures” help parents to select books to match their child’s reading ability.  Research has shown that maximum reading growth is achieved when children read books that are aligned with their reading level.  You can use Lexile “Find a Book” ( to help your child choose books within his/her Lexile range (best is 100 below or 50 above his/her Lexile measure). 

What is a Quantile?

Quantiles measure both the math skill level of your child and the difficulty of math skills. Quantiles reflect math levels, rather than reading like Lexile. 


Car Rider Procedures

For the safety of all our children please be mindful of our car rider procedures during the morning drop off, and the afternoon dismissal.  The following letters outline our procedures and routines.  Thank you.
Beginning of the School Year Car Rider Tips
Car Rider Procedures Letter from Mrs. Thorpe

Awards and Recognition at C.R.E.S.
At Crooked River Elementary School we frequently recognize students who are doing the right thing!  Making wise choices, showing respect to teachers and classmates and following our three school expectations; Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe.  Some of our school-wide awards and recognitions include the following. 

Terrific Kids - sponsored by the St. Marys Kiwanis Club this award is given out monthly to one student from each homeroom who is demonstrating the Camden County Character Trait of the Month.  Students are presented awards on the school's morning news show, which include a certificate from the St. Marys Kiwanis Club, pencils and bumper stickers.

Service Member of the Month - One time a month military service members from Kings Bay Submarine Base come to our school in uniform to present special certificates to students who have demonstrated the character traits and gone above and beyond in all ways.  Teachers write a paragraph about why the student is deserving of the Service Member of the Month and the military members read the teacher's words on the morning news show for the entire school to hear.  This award is also presented at the end of the year, but for Service Member of the Year, which includes an engraved plaque!

Accelerated Reader - School-wide awards vary year to year so that the children are always excited and reading!  This year we will have a Reading Parade in the spring!  All students who reach their Lexile Goal for the quarter will get to parade around the school with pride! Other rewards may include, bouncy house parties, pizza parties, and ice cream parties.  A spring reward is planned in May to the Aquatic Center.  See the media center webpage for all the details. 

Writing Students receive gold, silver, and bronze medals for outstanding essay writing on the three writing assessments for Narrative, Informational, and Opinion Writing.  The gold and silver medals are awarded to students on the CRES Morning Show. 

Quarterly Assemblies - Beginning this year, students will be recognized for outstanding achievements at quarterly assemblies.  For our first nine-weeks the assembly was a time for our students to practice proper assembly behavior and etiquette.  Thereafter, parents of students receiving awards  will be invited to attend as well.

We Love Our Volunteers!
Because of YOU, parents, volunteers, and community organizations, our school is a better place! 

Our volunteers, military service support groups, and community representatives help sell ice cream, run the school dojo store, supervise monthly after school movies, present monthly awards, shelve books in the media center and work with children in the classrooms. Thank you!


Pumpkins Children  reading

eating  Santa Shop Santa Shop

Parent Resource Room

Apple and books

Parent Resource Room

The Parent Resource Room is a resource room available to all parents. As a school we are happy to provide a parent library, parenting magazines, tape players, headphones, and materials to make educational games for you and your child. Feel free to come and browse, and check out our variety of books, magazines and resources. You are always welcome! Click here for more details.

Hours of Operation are: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 - 3:30

Parent Institute

top activities calendar Activities Calendar
Parents Parents

Calling all Volunteers!

Volunteer Contact Information

If you would like to volunteer please contact the front office, or your child's teacher at (912) 673-6995

One of the greatest assets of our school is the active involvement of CRES parents. We look forward to working with you this school year!

Parent Resources

    You can monitor your child’s progress through PowerSchool at or at . Contact your child’s teacher for more information regarding grades. Or check out the parents "How to Guide" for Powerschool.
  • Georgia Parental Information and Resource Center
    This site provides information and resources that we hope you will find useful in your role as the primary educator of your children. There is valuable information here about the federal No Child Left Behind legislation and what it specifically means to your child or children, the schools they are attending, and the local school districting students.
  • Preparing for End of Year Tests
    A. Encourage your child in a positive manner to do his/her very best on each and every phase of the test

    B. Talk with your child about his/her concerns of taking the test. By reassuring them that it is only one way that will help the school measure the students' academic ability, we hope to relieve some of the pressure that they may be feeling about taking the test.

    C. You can help your child do his/her best by ensuring that they get a good night's sleep, have a nutritious breakfast, arrive at school on time, and have a positive/happy attitude each day of the testing. Be sure your child is at school on time. Rushing and worrying about being late could affect performance on the test.

    D. Remember to ask your child about the testing at the end of each day.

    As part of its assurances within NCLB program grant applications and pursuant to Section 9306 of the No Child Left Behind Act, an LEA accepting federal funds also agrees to adopt local written procedures for the receipt and resolution of complaints alleging violations of law in the administration of covered programs. For more information contact Camden County Schools:

    Dr. Beverly Strickland
    Camden County Schools
    311 S. East Street
    Kingsland, GA 31548

Homework Guidelines:

  1. Homework should be a reinforcement of skills previously taught and as a means to prepare for tests.
  2. Time allocation:
  • Kindergarten through second = no longer than 30 minutes including a 15 minute
    commitment to reading.
  • Third through fifth = no longer than 45 minutes including a 15 minute commitment to 

Math series textbook link
Science Textbook Series Parent Link

Parents Take Note:

CRES Students and the Four Signs of Respect

Have you heard of the Four Signs of Respect? Do you know what they are? At Crooked River, we expect our students to monitor their own behavior by following the four signs of respect throughout the instructional day. The four signs are listed below for your information and review. We encourage you to use the four signs at home with your child/children to help them remember what they are learning in school. Thank you for your support and assistance with our school-wide discipline plan.

  1. Eyes on Speaker (Look at person speaking.)
  2. Ears Open (Listen to person speaking.)
  3. Mouth Closed (There is no talking.)
  4. Body in Control (keep hands, feet, and body still.)
Note: We hold up four fingers to signal our expectation-four signs of respect. Also, this is way to let children know we want their attention.