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What is Lexile and

Accelerated Reader?


     Reading is a skill, and like every other skill, it requires practice. The more you read, the better you become at reading.  Our Accelerated Reader (AR) Program is based on the fundamental principle that practice improves reading. To help achieve this skill, students read AR books and take computerized quizzes. The program assigns points for proficiency and monitors students’ achievement. There are various rewards and prizes presented throughout the school year for students as they progress toward their individual AR point goals. 

      Students can only test on titles which have a corresponding AR test. There are currently over 150,000 quizzes and new quizzes are added each month.  Books from home and the public library may very well have a corresponding AR quiz!  Not sure if your book from home is AR?  Visit this website to check:

       What is a Lexile? How Can I Improve my Child’s Lexile Reading Level?  A Lexile measure is one way to measure and monitor your child’s reading level.  Research has shown that maximum reading growth is achieved when children read books that are aligned with their reading level.  You can use Lexile “Find a Book” ( to help your child choose books within his/her Lexile range (best is 100 below or 50 above his/her Lexile measure). 

      In our school library we label our books with colored dots on the spine to help children find a book that is within their individual Lexile measure.  We call these books “good fit” books.  The following chart helps the students see the color dot that matches their Lexile reading level.

  Crooked River AR/Lexile Book Color Dots

Lexile AR Conversion


     To monitor your child’s AR progress from home, Renaissance Place has a component called Home Connect that can be used outside of school at any computer that has internet.  (Contact your child's teacher for your child's username and password) You can access Renaissance Home Connect by going to:

      If you would like to receive emails to instantly inform you of your student’s quiz or test results, click the “Get Email Updates” button on the left side of the page after you login and follow the directions.   

     If you have any questions about the Accelerated Reader program please contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Markham, the CRES Media Specialist at (912) 673-6995.

One Read

Click here for the Charlotte's Web Family Fun Packet! 

You can access the Digital Resource Hub for Charlotte’s Web at:

Password: Lurvy8

Tuesday, Jan. 18th  Chapter 1 Pgs. 1-7   Monday, Jan. 31st  Chapter 11 &
Chapter 12 Pgs. 77-91
(11 & 12 are two separate links)
Wednesday, Jan. 19th Chapter 2 Pgs. 8-12   Tuesday, Feb. 1st Chapter 13 Pgs. 92-104
Thursday, Jan.20th  Chapter 3 Pgs. 13-24   Wednesday, Feb. 2nd Chapter 14 Pgs. 105-112
Friday, Jan. 21st  Chapter 4 Pgs. 25-31   Thursday, Feb. 3rd Chapter 15 Pgs. 113-117
      Friday, Feb. 4th  Chapter 16 Pgs. 118-129
Monday, Jan. 24th  Chapter 5 Pgs. 32-41   Monday, Feb. 7th Chapter 17  Pgs. 130-137
Tuesday, Jan. 25th  Chapter 6 Pgs. 42-47   Tuesday, Feb. 8th Chapter 18 Pgs. 138-143
Wednesday, Jan. 26th  Chapter 7 &
Chapter 8 Pgs. 48-54
(7 & 8 are two separate links)
  Wednesday, Feb. 9th  Chapter 19 Pgs. 144-154
 Thursday, Jan. 27th  Chapter 9 Pgs. 55-65    Thursday, Feb. 10th  Ch. 20 Pgs. 155-162
 Friday, Jan. 28th   Chapter 10 Pgs. 66-76   Friday, Feb. 11th  Ch. 21 Pgs. 163-171
       Monday, Feb. 14th   Ch. 22 Pgs. 172-184

Video Read Aloud Picture Books
If you would like to take the AR quiz, go to to see the ATOS level and the quiz number.  To see the Lexile level go to

Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes 
by Margie Palatini

Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes
Skippyjon Jones
by Judy Schachner

Skippyjon Jones

 The Circus Ship 
by Chris Van Dusen

The Circus Ship
Two Bad Ants 
by Chris Van Allsburg

Two Bad Ants 

Bad Dog, Marley!
by John Grogan

Bad Dog Marley
Little Melba and Her Big Trombone
by Katheryn Russell-Brown

Little Melba

 My Lucky Day
 by Keiko Kasza

My Lucky Day
The Three Little Javelinas
by Susan Lowell 

Three Little Javelinas
 The Gruffalo
 by Julia Donaldson

The Gruffalo
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
by Judi Barrett

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
 Stone Soup
by Jon J. Muth

Stone Soup
King Hugo's Huge Ego by Chris Van Dusen
King Hugo's Huge Ego 

 Duck at the Door
by Jackie Urbanovic

Duck at the Door
 Armadillo Tattletale
by Helen Ketteman

Armadillo Tattletale

We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past
by Jacqueline Woodson

We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past
 Pig the Winner by Aaron Blabey
Pig the Winner

 Nubs The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine, and a Miracle by Major Brian Dennis
 Dog Breath
by Dav Pilkey

Dog Breath

 A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker 
A Visitor for Bear
Martina the Beautiful Cockroach
by Carmen Agra Deedy

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach 
 Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens
Tops & Bottoms
Louise the Adventures of a Chicken
by Kate DiCamillo

Louise the Adventures of a Chicken 

 The Magician's Hat by Malcolm Mitchell
The Magician's Hat
I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!
by Karen Beaumont

 I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

 The Cheese by Margie Palatini
The Cheese
 Mr. Peabody's Apples
by Madonna

Mr. Peabody's Apples 
 A Bad Case of Stripes
by David Shannon

A Bad Case of Stripes 
 Dear Mrs. LaRue 
by Mark Teague

Dear Mrs. LaRue 
 The Wretched Stone
by Chirs Van Allsburg

The Wretched Stone
The Secret Olivia Told Me 
by N. Joy

The Secret Olivia Told Me 
  Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
The Gingerbread Girl
by Lisa Campbell Ernst

The Gingerbread Girl  
 Big Chickens
by Leslie Helakoski

Big Chickens
  Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann
Officer Buckle
 The Giant Carrot 
by Jan Peck

The Giant Carrot
 When a Dragon Moves In 
by Jodi Moore

When a Dragon Moves In
 Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
Where the Wild Things Are 
Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! by Mo Willems
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus 

Read Aloud Chapter Book:
Pie by Sarah Weeks
Come along on the story of 10 year-old Alice and her Aunt Polly. It's a story of mystery, suspense, friends, family and an extraordinarily fat, and remarkably disagreeable cat named Lardo. You'll laugh out loud and cry when you read this one.
Chapters 1-2  Chapters 9-10
Chapters 3-4a  Chapters 11-12
 Chapters 4b-5  
 Chapters 6-7a  
 Chapters 7b-8  

Read Aloud Chapter Book:
The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester by Barbara O'Connor
Enjoy this fun summertime adventure about a boy, his friends, a mystery and a bullfrog named Tooley. 
The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester
Chapters 1-3  Chapters 14-17
Chapters 4-6  Chapters 18-21
Chapters 7-9  Chapters 22-25
Chapters 10-13  Chapters 26-the end
Read Aloud Chapter Book:
Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley
Join us on a magical adventure with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat!   

Circus Mirandus

Chapters 1-4 Chapters 16-18 
 Chapters 5-7  Chapters 19-20
 Chapters 8-9  Chapters 21-22
 Chapters 10-11  Chapters 23-24
 Chapters 12-13  Chapters 25-27
 Chapters 14-15

Read Aloud Chapter Book:
The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo
Please join us in a read aloud mouse adventure that is most appropriate for 3rd-5th grade, but possibly for some 2nd graders as well.  Some parts could be scary for younger readers.  See the Common Sense Media Review here for the details.  

Tale of D Cover

Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-10
Chapters 11-15
Chapters 16-20
Chapters 21-26
Chapters 27-31
Chapters 32-36
Chapters 37-41
Chapters 42-46
Chapters 47-the end